Hospitality and You

The Branch is embarking on a challenge, a challenge to be a more welcoming place.  We want to show visitors lavish hospitality.  We know people of the Branch are warm, welcoming, awesome people.  And we want to make strides to share that to visitors too.
We’re implementing a few idea to get us there  – the 10:15 challenge and Nametag sundays.  Both ideas are meant to foster relationships, conversations, and invitation.
10:15 Challenge
You may recall the 10:30 challenge.  This is the next step up.  We are asking you to arrive by 10:15.  To change your thinking that the Branch actually starts at 10:15.  This gives time to get kids to class, grab some coffee, and be in the sanctuary ready for service by 10:30.  The idea is to foster time to chat with either other, welcome someone new, and keep things running smoothly.  We find quite often visitors are arrive early and ready, but there is no one to welcome them to our family.  We are ready to remedy this.
Nametag Sunday
The 4th sunday of each month will be a Nametag Sunday.   It’s really simple, write your name, stick it on, greet someone who’s name you’ve forgotten.  Or maybe you have yet to meet.  However it goes, this too is a chance to build relationships and invite conversation.
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