Next Series: How to Change the World

When we read the Scriptures we find a God determined to not just redeem a city or region, but the entire world — each and every part of it.  As we look at our world today we see the fruit of this work.  The Kingdom is breaking in more and more. But we also see those places near and far that are still desperately in need of restoration, healing and peace.
Which begs the question: what does it practically look like to live in metro G.R. today and join in God’s redemptive work?  What can we do to be a part of changing the world?
During this three week series (Sept 13, 20, and 27), we’ll not only look to the Scriptures for guidance, but also spend time sharing concrete steps the Branch is going to take in the coming months to change the world.   It will be a great chance to hear about the Branch’s vision moving forward.  We hope you’ll join us!
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