It’s far too common today to find Christians who believe that doubt equals weakness — that if we honestly wrestle with the difficult questions or admit our uncertainty, our faith will take a hit (or at least other people’s perception of our faith will). But what if we’re meant to wrestle with God?  What if it’s through the questioning and struggle that our faith becomes less fragile?
In this series we’ll be talking about what it looks like to live an anti-fragile life.  How honesty and authenticity can lead to a stronger faith.  We’ll also tackle some topics that we can tend to shy away from because they are messy or difficult.  Join us.
October 4 – We’re Meant to Wrestle
October 11 – The Idol of Certainty
October 18 – A False Fight: Science vs. Religion
October 25 – Finding God in Pain and Loss
November 1 – Re-imagining Race and Religion
November 8 – Staying Rooted in the Middle of Struggle
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