This is My Story (8.18.19)

We return to our “This is My story” series. For the next 3 weeks, Chris will share with us about his experience at Calvin Seminary, attending a week-long seminar on racism. We will hear stories of African Americans, whose stories we may not have heard before. And we will wrestle with the impact of ‘dis-remembering’ our history.
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  1. Fantastic message Chris! Hope we can talk about it someday soon! I’ll pray for you! This is tough stuff but sooooo necessary especially for those of us who call ourselves Christians! May rec We Need moral Pentecost by Rev William Barber!!

  2. Rick – we’re so glad this resonated with you. I was so happy to hear a little about the work you are doing in this area. May God continue to bless that work, and through it, continue to change you and those you are in relationship with.

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