BranchStudents is a community of 6th-12th graders united with God in the renewal of all things through Christ.

For October and November we are meeting the 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month from 6:30-7:30pm. We will evaluate our options for December as the fall progresses. 2021 plans will be determined near the end of 2020.

2020 Schedule

Middle School boys: meeting at Oevermans

Middle School girls: meeting at Workmans

High School 9 graders: meeting at DeBlaays

High School 10th-12th: meeting at Karels

For addresses to any of these locations, please contact

Covid Protocols

During Covid, we are enacting these policies and protocols to ensure we create the safest environment possible.

1. We are only meeting outside.

2. Students are sitting physically distanced during the meeting. We ask students to also keep six feet apart if they arrive early, or if they are waiting to be picked up after the meeting.

3. Students are wearing masks the entire evening. This should include from the time the student is dropped off to the time that they are picked up. Parents/guardians: if you leave your vehicle during drop off or pick up, we ask that you wear a mask as well.

4. Students are asked to use hand sanitizer upon arrival.

5. There is no sharing of materials (paper/pens).

6. Any snack is provided in a contact-less way.

Values that Guide Us

The decisions we make and the direction we head are all deeply influenced by what we value.  This is true for individuals and communities.  For BranchStudents, we have identified these values as important.

  • Authenticity – We want to foster a place where students (and adult leaders) can be honest and open about who they are because it’s in that authenticity that we are able to grow and be transformed.
  • Openness – Faith is complex. And the world is no less so. Which is why we all need a place where we can ask questions and explore. BranchStudents will be one of those places.
  • Wisdom – Learning how to navigate an incredibly complex world requires more than just knowing the ‘right’ answers — it requires growing in wisdom. Our discussions and times of reflection (rooted in openness and authenticity) will be intentional about fostering wise hearts and minds.
  • Community – Relationships are central to faith. We simply can’t, and were never meant, to do it alone. That’s why we’ll consistently spend time eating, playing and growing in community.
  • Fun – God commanded the Israelites to party (aka festivals and feasts). Jesus is found at weddings and Passover celebrations. In other words, joy and laughter are important parts of our faith. So make no mistake – we’ll spend lots of time being crazy and having fun.