Jesus of Nazareth (8)

Week 8: John 20

Jesus of Nazareth

During this series we’re hoping to, in the words of Eugene Peterson, ‘eat this book’.  We want to chew on the words of Scripture so that they begin to seep deep into our souls.  Below, you’ll find the ‘story of the week’.  We hope you’ll join us for the journey.

April 12-18: Luke 24


Women are invited to gather at the Electric Cheetah on Monday, March 1 – 7-9PM.  she::gathers is a chance to share food and life.  Whether you’re new to the Branch or a veteran — you are invited.  We hope to see you there.  For a map, click here.

30 Days to Live (1)

Week 1: Living in the Moment
James 4:13-17
After spending time in prayer for Haiti, we dove into the first week of this powerful series.

Help for Haiti

As we’ve watched the images and heard the stories from Haiti, our hearts have been broken.  We mourn the devastation and the loss.  But we also know that we are called to act.  We join our voices with our brothers and sisters in Haiti who are crying out to God for mercy and provision.  And we join the effort to save and restore lives. If you’re wondering how you can get involved, you’ll find a number of tangible ways below:

Assemble and ship hygiene kits through Church World Service

Assemble and ship baby kits through Church World Service

The denomination we are connected to has a presence in Haiti and already has people on the ground.  They are distributing water, food, shelter and blankets as we speak.

Join a Grand Rapids church’s (90% of whom are Haitians) food and fundraising initiative.

Donate to the American Red Cross

A Place For Everyone (2)

A Place For Everyone


Week 5 – Ezekiel

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