Covenant and Kingdom

This Sunday we start a new series called Covenant and Kingdom. This six week series it is all about learning to understand Scripture and the grand story that God is calling us to live in. So many times Scripture feels like Shakespeare; we know itʼs significant, we know itʼs important, but we donʼt always know what it means! This series is about putting the Bible back into the hands of our people.  We really couldnʼt be more excited about it.
Make plans to join us — invite a friend — and if you want to go deeper, we encourage you to buy the book by the same title and read along during the series [click here for the reading schedule].  The Kindle version is easiest to get — but some hard copies are available from time to time through Amazon as well.
April 7 – Abraham and Sarah
April 14 – Joseph
April 21 – Moses