Jesus’ resurrection and ascension set in motion a series of events that literally changed the world. But how?  How did an ordinary, average group of men and women live remarkably purposeful and impactful lives? Maybe it can be boiled down to this: “all of them were filled with the Holy Spirit” (Acts 2:4).

The phrase “filled with the Spirit” comes up repeatedly throughout the book of Acts.Join us as we explore these passages and discover what a life “filled with the Spirit” means and looks like.

April 15 – Acts 1:1-11
April 22 – Acts 2:1-21
April 29 – Acts 4:1-22
May 6 – Acts 4:23-31
May 13 – Acts 4:32-37
May 20 – Acts 9-19
May 27 – Acts 13:44-52