Global Mission Partners

We have two Global Mission Partners, each one operating in different areas of the world. We support each one financially, while working to build relationships with those people who are on the ground, doing the important work of sharing God’s love in their corners of the globe. Click on the links for more information on each organization.

Jibit Asha International

The Nepali Speaking Community Church (NSCC) has spearheaded the formation of Jibit Asha. This non-profit, supported by churches and mission agencies in Nepal and America, is committed to providing education to children, training to Nepali leaders and the planting of churches in Nepal.

The Branch has partnered with Jibit Asha as we support Yahosu (Joshua) Tamang. Yahosu is committed to planting 3 churches in 2 different villages of Nepal in the next 5 years. You can find his full bio here: Yahosu Tamang.

We’ll get updates over the course of the year and also look forward to how God might strengthen our relationship with NSCC through this venture together.

Kenya Matters

Kenya Matters addresses the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of orphans in Karai, Kenya through empowering local African leadership with self-sustainable enterprise projects in partnership with an active donor community in the United States.