Mindful Breathing: Prayer

There are three anchors to mindfulness and mindful breathing is one of them. Mindful breathing is an experience of relaxing the body, quieting the mind and awakening the spirit.

Breathing is the simplest act of worship, acknowledging the gift of life that God has provided. The breath that gives life can then be turned into a prayer.

You are invited to experience this act of mindfulness and worship by:

  • Finding a mindful body (place your feet on the ground – rest your hands in your lap or by your side – find length in your spine).
  • Close your eyes or find a soft gaze toward the ground
  • Notice your breath.
    • Do you feel the rise and fall of your chest?
    • Does the air feel warm or cool?
  • Remain here simply attuning all of your attention to your breath OR choose to assign a word or phrase to your inhale and exhale. Suggestions are:
    • Inhale – Receive / Exhale – Release
    • Inhale – Life / Exhale – Death
    • Inhale – Liberation / Exhale – Captivity
    • Inhale – Love / Exhale – Apathy
    • Inhale – Healing / Exhale – Hurt