Our Life Together

The Branch is…

  • a church that views itself as a family more than a religious organization.  This is how God sees us — as adopted children — members of one body — everyone a necessary and needed part.
  • a church that deeply values the next generation.  We invest in ways for them to connect meaningfully with each other and contribute to our life together.  We believe that they have something to offer the body right now—not just when they grow up.
  • a church that encourages people to take risks and offers a safe place to fail. We believe that it is only when we courageously chase after the dreams God has given us that the world is changed.
  • a church that actively pursues justice.  We believe that God’s desire is to make all things new — to bind up the brokenhearted and care for the marginalized and oppressed.
  • a church committed to restoring hope.  Many of us, and many we know, have been hurt or disillusioned by the Church.  Part of our calling is to be a place where people can heal and find their hope for the church rekindled.
  • a church that sees itself as sent.  We believe that God doesn’t call us to be consumers, but instead to participants in God’s restorative, reconciling work.
  • a church that places a high value on authenticity because we know that we find life to the fullest when we fully let people in.
  • a church that creates space for varying viewpoints.  We believe that it is in listening to each other and wrestling with our differences that we are sharpened and transformed.
  • a church that strives for unity in the essentials of the Christian faith, liberty in the nonessentials, and in all things charity [love].  We take Jesus seriously, who said that the world would know us by our love for one another.
  • a church that believes we are stronger and better when we enter into partnership with other churches.  Together, we reach farther, think more creatively and share burdens and responsibilities

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