reconciled — me | you | us

A consistent thread running through the experiences and conversations of the Branch has been reconciliation. But what does reconciliation mean?

Reconciliation finds its roots in the Latin meaning to bring back together what has been  separated; to make good again. The Scriptures tell us that reconciliation is exactly what God is up to in the world, and we are called to join in that work.

We are called to be reconciled to God (me)

We are brought back together [reconciled] with God, and in doing so, become people of increasing depth and character. This is an ongoing, life-long process that requires both a growing knowledge of God and of ourselves.

We are called to be reconciled to each other (you)

We are brought back together [reconciled] in our relationships, and in doing so we find encouragement, accountability, joy and support. In vibrant relationships we are also propelled and equipped to participate in the renewal of the world.

We are called to participate in the reconciliation of the world (us)

The world is brought back together [reconciled] as we sacrificially join in God’s redemptive work in ways that align with our passion and gifts.

These three areas of reconciliation are happening in our lives simultaneously.  They play off of one another and feed into each other.  What each of us must discern is which of these areas God is leading us to pay attention to in the next season of life.

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