At the Branch we gave our lay leaders a new name — not to be clever or hip — but to help clearly define their role.  Instead of elders or deacons  (which you’re welcome to use) we use the word Steward.

Stewards are charged with the responsibility of taking care of what God has given us as a church.  They are not the owners, or even the ones ultimately in charge, but instead they seek Christ’s leading and submit to him as King.  Together, they are called to steward our resources and people in order that Christ’s Kingdom would come more fully in our lives and in the world. Practically this means that they provide leadership and oversight of our finances, our staff, our vision and our ministries.

Stewards are disciples who reflect Jesus in how they live (character) and in what they do (competency).  As leaders of the Branch they commit to living out the Branch’s values:

  • Wholistic Worship: Stewards have surrendered their lives — each part — in worship.  They submit to Jesus as their Lord and King in tangible ways.
  • Authentic Community: Stewards see their lives as gifts to be given away.  They willingly invest what they have and who they are in the lives of others.
  • Family on Mission: Stewards are people who believe that they are ‘sent’.  But they are not sent alone.  They lock arms with others in order to be on mission together.
  • Simplicity: Stewards regularly seek the Spirit’s wisdom in their lives, asking God to help them spend their time and talent on the things that matter most.

Currently serving as Stewards of Resource are Sarah VerKaik, Lindsey DeBlaay and Kevin Kroondyk.

Our current Stewards of Care are Aimee Ritsema, Cris Frank and Marc Karel.

The Stewards are always up for conversation about the Branch.  Contact any one of them if you have questions or a need.  We also regularly pray for the people and needs of the Branch – let us know how we can pray for you.

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