Upcoming Series: Brave

You’re riding out the prefect storm.  Wind and waves have their way with your pitiful boat.  You’re preoccupied with not drowning.  Yet in the midst of this mighty surge, you see a figure on the water, beckoning you.  Into the Storm.  Into the Unknown.  Into the New.

Who do you trust more?

The prefect storm, or the one calling you onto the water?

Take a New Step.  You were made to be Brave.


The Branch will be exploring what it means to be Brave. Gathered together on Sundays and scattered in smaller groups throughout the week.   We hope you will join us.

April 12 – Adventure – Luke 5

April 19 – Storm – Matthew 14

April 26 – Power – Matthew 14, John 14

May 3 – Leap – Matthew 14 revisited

May 10 -Brave – Matthew 16

May 17 – Recap and Celebrate!

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