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That said, you may still be wondering why you should consider creating a profile?  Well….doing gives you access to all kinds of information about the life of the Branch.  You can join discussion groups, share ideas, receive updates, comment on posts and participate in conversations.  And here’s the best part: we’ll send you an email every day or every week (you decide on how often) that will summarize all of the activity on a particular topic or group.

For example, if you serve in our preschool room in BranchKids, you can join the Preschool group.  Once you’ve done this, anything that is posted in that group (be it a ‘lesson-learned’ or a funny story someone wants to share) will be sent directly to your email.  Of course, you can always log into the website to share your ideas and funny stories too.   But if you’re simply looking to stay updated, all the info is brought right to your inbox.

If you’re looking for a good place to start, join the “Branch-wide Info” group.  This is where we’ll be sharing all general information about the Branch.

Oh…and it may be helpful to note that some groups on the site are not public.  That’s because the information shared in that group might be personal and not ready to be broadcast across the entire internet (anyone on planet earth can create a profile).  But that doesn’t mean you can’t request an invite. Private groups are not exclusive — just a little more careful about who is able to see their information.

What is a Missional Community?

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>What is an MC?

Who is in an MC?

What about kids and MCs?

What does an MC do?

It’s a family.

At the Branch, Missional Communities (MCs) are ‘extended family’ like groups (20-50 people) that meet regularly in order to encourage and equip each other to live the kind of life Jesus lived.  When thinking about this, we often use the language of UP, IN and OUT.

UP is about our relationship to God — our identity as children of the King.  Jesus modeled an intimacy with the Father that we want to experience.  And so just as Jesus spent time with the spiritual disciplines (prayer and fasting to name two), so too will MCs spend time doing those things that bring them closer to the heart of the Father.

IN is about our relationship with each other. Jesus was always investing himself in his disciples.  They got away on retreats – ate meals together – prayed – went to synagogue – all of it building community and trust.   MCs will encourage and empower each other in ways that are ‘organized’ (every Monday night meals) and in ways that are more ‘organic’ (let’s head to the beach this Saturday and hang out).

OUT is about our relationship to the world that God so desperately loves.  We see Jesus having compassion for those others ignored and announcing the Good News to them.  Everywhere he went, heaven came to earth.   MCs follow Jesus’ lead by uniting around a common, specific mission and working to discern and proclaim the Good News in that context.