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As we begin a new year, our conversation on Sundays will center around an ancient practice and rhythm of rest called Sabbath — a practice we’re pretty sure most of us are unfamiliar with, but need nonetheless. That said, this conversation is not first and foremost about developing a 24-hour period free of any work. […]

From Generation to Generation – Week 3 (12.11.22)

Joseph had a choice to make. Would he separate from Mary or stand with her? It, no doubt, was a difficult choice.  While are circumstances are certainly different, we too face the same type of choice: will we separate from those in need – those we disagree with – those who are on the edges […]

Upcoming Gatherings

Here’s our holiday schedule as we celebrate Christmas and welcome in the New Year! Christmas Eve – 5-6pm Update 12/24 1:00pm: please note, we are still meeting in person tonight, but because of conditions encourage people to choose what is best for their circumstances. We will be streaming on YouTube as well. We look forward […]

From Generation to Generation – Week 2 (12.4.22)

When Mary is visited by Gabriel and told that she will give birth to the long awaited Messiah, she is understandably afraid and troubled. What does Mary’s response to this visit have to teach us about our response to fear? And what might Gabriel’s words prompt us to remember about God’s promises?

From Generation to Generation – Week 1 (11.27.22)

The genealogy of Jesus (in Matthew 1) is often overlooked. But what does this long list of names have to tell us? As we consider it together we find an unlikely lineage full of unexpected characters. But perhaps that’s the point. Even Jesus’ beginning is through and through marked by those we continually dismiss or […]

UPDATE: Sundays This Fall

In this brief podcast we share the ‘why’ behind we’re making some changes this fall and lay out some of the details. You can find more info here.

What is God Like? [Current Series]

What is God Like? That’s a very big question, one that people from places all around the world have wondered about since the beginning of time. So begins the children’s book, What is God Like, by Rachel Held Evans and Matthew Paul Turner. From there, the authors describe 16 different metaphors (similes, technically) that tell […]

In the Beginning… Week 3 (6.19.22)

The beginning of our story (Genesis 1 and 2) is a story of utmost goodness. So is the end of our story (Revelation 21 and 22). Between these bookends comes God’s call to care for, tend to, serve and guard the created world so that it might be good, whole and complete.

Wholehearted (together) – Week 11 (5.22.22)

Our final week in this series considers the overall goal: deeper and more meaningful connections with those in our lives. Which begs the question, what exactly does it mean to be connected and how do we connect? Jesus shows us a compelling way (Mark 10:46-52).

Summer at the Branch – 2022

Summer Sunday Gatherings We’re headed back to Garfield Park for most Sundays this summer (the last Sunday of each month we’ll meet at the building)! Bring a chair to sit in. Our BranchKids program will be available each Sunday we’re in the park (except for July 3). We will continue to stream on YouTube regardless […]

Wholehearted (together) – Week 10 (5/15/22)

The Scriptures ask us to do a difficult thing — to live in a way that both honors every person’s individuality and intentionally integrates their lives in the larger body. This week we talk about that both/and and give time to consider what it might mean for us.

Wholehearted – Week 5 (3.27.22)

We continue to expand our vocabulary of the heart by considering an all to common human behavior: comparison. Envy and jealousy — and two German words – schadenfreude and freudenfreude — are emotions and experiences connected to comparison. We see them in action in a story from Mark 10:35-45.

Updated Covid Policies

In the last few weeks, government agencies have revised their Covid guidelines. We have also seen a steep decline of cases and ICU hospitalizations in Kent County. Therefore, we too are adjusting our policies beginning this Sunday, March 13. In rooms with good ventilation and air filtration, masks will be optional. This includes the sanctuary […]