The Gospel of Mark (Ch. 3)

Guest preacher Deborah McCreary led us through the first six verses of Mark 3, inviting us to consider how Jesus might be asking us to take a bold step of obedience.

The Gospel of Mark (Ch. 2)

If we’re honest, we often work hard to maintain the status quo. And yet, when we look at Jesus of Nazareth, he seems to be disrupting the status quo. Regularly. What might that mean for our lives? We consider Mark 2 and that question together.

The Gospel of Mark (Ch. 1)

We begin our 16 week journey through the Gospel of Mark in Chapter 1, focusing especially on the 1st half of the chapter.

Refocus: Embrace (9.15.19)

When we watch how Jesus lived — the way we operated in the world, we begin to notice that he repeatedly demonstrated an openness to others, not dismissal; he extended belonging, not judgement and he offered embrace, not distance.

Refocus: Grow (9.8.19)

It is so easy to lose sight of what matters most. That’s true for individuals and churches. For four weeks we’re refocusing on four things we’ve said matter deeply to us. First up: GROW. This call to “become like Christ in everything” (Ephesians 4:4) is where it all begins. By knowing our true selves we […]