Sabbatical Stories (Part 1 – A Key to Reconciliation)

On his first Sunday preaching after Sabbatical, Chris walks us through he and his family’s trip to Israel and Palestine where they were enlightened and inspired by stories of peace and reconciliation in the midst of a war torn area. We are inspired to find the place for peace and reconciliation in our own lives and hearts here at home.

Unity, Liberty, Charity: Week 3

Love of God and neighbor fulfills all of God’s Law — it is the thing on which everything else hangs.  Chris discusses what this means for our relationships with each other and with the world.


Unity, Liberty, Charity: Week 2

In essentials, unity. In non-essentials, LIBERTY. In all things, charity.
This week we look at how to allow freedom of thought and freedom of will in things that are non-essential.

Please utilize the handout below to fully engage with this message.

Liberty Handout Web


Unity, Liberty, Charity: Week 1

We begin this series by looking at Christ’s unmistakable call to unity.  We also work to reclaim the often forgotten truth that there is much more that binds us together than separates us, even in this debate.

We also strongly encourage you to engage with these questions and readings this week to further reflect on this issue and prepare you for the next week: