CREATE Donations

Are you looking to help with CREATE but cannot volunteer? Below is a list of items commonly found in your recycle bin that would give the kids the materials they need to make something new and beautiful from something old and used up. Please consider sorting through your recycling bin over the next few weeks and donating these items. Thank you!

-Water bottles

-Glass jars w/lids (mayo jars, pickle jars)

-14 oz cans

-egg cartons-paper is preferred and needed the most


-shoe boxes

-bottle caps (like, beer bottle caps)


-Plastic grocery bags – lots 🙂


-Golf balls


-Medium and Small Metal pieces( i.e. Keys, screws, nuts, bolts, old silverware, tins,cans)

-Variety of small recyclable items that can be cut down to smaller shapes

-Box lids

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