Spring/Summer Community Service Opportunities

Alger Heights Canvassing

Neighborhood Listening Opportunity – Jenn Reidsma, Community Coordinator, is currently looking for church members to help with community canvassing on Saturday, May 14 from approximately 9:30-noon. Volunteers will be asked to knock on doors and conduct short interviews. Training will be provided in the evening before the canvassing and there will be a debriefing meeting after the canvassing is complete. The approximate time commitment will be 5 hours between training, canvassing and debriefing. To sign up contact Jenn Reidsma at jenn@tabernaclecommunity.org or 988-9268 ext 205.

Garfield Park Neighborhood Association Community Garden

Garfield Park Neighborhoods Association is continuing to work with Community Partners on a Community Garden at 1714 Madison Ave SE. Our hopes are to contribute to community transformation, neighborhood revitalization, and ecological restoration of the area through the active participation of neighborhood Gardeners.

If you are interested in gardening and providing healthy food for your family, GPNA is excited to offer Community Gardening in the Garfield Park neighborhood.

We encourage anyone interested in gardening to join us for the 2016 growing season (Mid-April through Mid-October). You do not have to live in the Garfield Park Neighborhood to Participate.

The Community Garden includes two levels of involvement. We have 5’ by 12’ plots available for rent for Garden Members. Plot use fee is $35 (with a $10 refund at the end of the season). We also have garden space dedicated to Community Space Gardeners where you can come help in the garden during Community Space Open Hours in exchange for garden produce. The Community Space Garden could provide a grocery trips worth of seasonal vegetables a week when harvest begins.


The week of June 20-24, 2016 we will hold our 6th CREATE camp — a week long arts camp that matches students with skilled teachers who will engage their imaginations and dirty their hands.

We are passionate about helping kids bring life to the world around them through their creations. In past years we have had hundreds of kids, ages K-8th grade join us.

It is an amazing week in which we hope to see child after child discover their unique creativity and find the confidence to share it with others!

To sign up to volunteer: http://vols.pt/53dy7R

Registration for students begins May 1st.

If you’d like to learn more, be added to our email list, or become one of our sponsors, email us at info@thebranchonline.org

Don’t forget to follow our journey on Facebook.

We can’t wait for June!

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