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In the fall of 2022, we felt that it was time to try something different. Not for the sake of being different, but because we wondered if the way in which we gathered needed to shift given all that has happened in the world and in our lives the last few years.

The result was an every other week rotation between ‘normal’ Sundays and ‘group’ Sundays. Normal Sundays were, well, normal in the sense that our gathering on those weeks looked a lot like it had previously.

Our ‘group’ Sundays began with all of us together for a quick time of connection and then we would head to the group of our choice. Each group centered around a wide range of topics and activities (we tried a bunch of things: Ultimate Frisbee, a reflective walking group, a group that made an art installation for Advent, a group that practiced silence as a spiritual discipline, and many more). What we found is that Group Sundays gave people more opportunity to connect relationally, try out a new skill or idea and look for God’s presence in what might seem like everyday, ‘non-spiritual’ activities.

Since then, we have offered a few different iterations of Group Sundays, learning more each time about what works, what is meaningful, and what we need to include. Below is a list of Groups that will be offered this June. Groups will run each Sunday from June 9-30.

Discussion: Nate DeWard will be hosting a discussion group where faith and current events will be discussed during Group Sundays. Nate has a history of independent thought and encouraging people to explore the perspectives of others. Through respectful listening, we hope to encourage thoughtful and wholehearted conversations that lead us into a deeper understanding of each other, of God, and of our world. *Note that this is the option for those joining online.*

Cooking: This is a group for both avid home-chefs as well as the novice cook! Some of us will learn new skills and some of us will get to pass on our kitchen knowledge to others! Each week, we will create a freezer meal together to donate to AYA Youth Collective. All ages are welcome in this group. If younger kids are joining us, we ask that an adult attends this group with them.

Movement: In this group, we will embrace the beauty that is Michigan in the summer and head outdoors. Two of the weeks will be a Reflective Walking group. The other two weeks will be Biking and Ultimate Frisbee. Come and experience connection outdoors with this group!

Silence: In a very noisy world, it’s hard to find time and space to be quiet. But that quiet space is so important as we try to live more fully as the truest version of ourselves. This group isn’t really a group. This will simply be a time and space to be still. There will be some gentle music playing in the background, but there will be no discussion or agenda…simply time to be.

In addition to these intergenerational groups, we will also have dedicated space for the youngest among us. The Nursery will be staffed for infants and toddlers. There will also be a specific BranchKids group just for kids ages 4-7 with active and creative projects so they can connect in meaningful, age-appropriate ways.

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