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Liminal – Stories of the In-Between (week 1)

The Bible is full of stories of people and communities who have had to journey through liminal spaces. Today, are in a liminal space too — caught between the world as we knew it and an unknown future. What do these stories have to teach us? This week we look at Israel, as they journeyed in the wilderness (a consistent metaphor in the Bible for in-between spaces).

The video and audio are below.

Text: Exodus 16:1-23

Unity, Liberty, Charity: Week 1

We begin this series by looking at Christ’s unmistakable call to unity.  We also work to reclaim the often forgotten truth that there is much more that binds us together than separates us, even in this debate.

We also strongly encourage you to engage with these questions and readings this week to further reflect on this issue and prepare you for the next week:



Jesus of Nazareth (7)

Week 7: Luke 22

Epic 4

Week 4 – David

1 Samuel 24

Podcast Info – Old and New

itunes-podcastAfter moving to a new content management system and a new domain host, I just don’t have the energy to figure out how to keep the same podcast feed… so that means if you are currently subscribed to branch messagecast you will cease to receive new audio in iTunes.  If you want to subscribe to the Branch podcasts in the future you’ll need to use the links below:

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podcast-80Week 3: Gideon


podcast-80Week 2: Epic Love

Ruth & Boaz


podcast-80Week 1: Epic Faithfulness

the Exodus

Prayer 4

podcast-80Week 4: God Should

Genesis 1, John 1, Hebrews 1

Prayer 3

podcast-80Week 3: God Can

Whenever God speaks, life springs forth.

Prayer 1

podcast-80Week 1: God Would

Matthew 19:13-15