The Psalms: An Invitation (6.10.18)

We started a new sermon series this week, The Psalms. We will speak, sing and practice many of the Psalms and hopefully let them permeate our hearts and lives, as they certainly influenced Jesus’ life, identity and ministry.

Each week, we’ll be given suggested Psalms to read, pray & meditate on. Here are this week’s Psalms:

Monday: Psalm 1
Tuesday: Psalm 19
Wednesday: Psalm 100
Thursday: Psalm 34
Friday: Psalm 63

A simple way to read and reflect on a Psalm (or any Scripture) is to read it slowly 3-4 times. Pause in between each reading, asking God to open your heard and mind. As you read, be open to a word or phrase that begins to stand out. Be curious about that word or phrase. How might it encourage or challenge or instruct you? What does it tell you about God? About you? About the world? Does it call you to respond in any way? Confession? Action? Service? Song? A final step could be to re-write the Psalm, or a portion of it, in your own words.

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