Vision (part 2)

Yesterday, we looked at how the first half of our vision statement is connected to the biblical theme of covenant.  Today – let’s look at how the second half is rooted in Kingdom.

in the renewal of all things through Christ = kingdom

As we embrace the covenant God has made with us, and the covenant we make with each other — the world begins to change.   Our lives start to undergo transformation.  Relationships begin to heal.  Our character deepens.   Our passions align more with God’s.  And that personal transformation ends up spilling out onto the people and places and things that we interact with.   Over time, we start to see God at work in us and through us to renew all things.   This is Kingdom.   This is God’s will being done on earth (on earth = your commute, trips to the grocery store, soccer games, work, etc) as it is in heaven.

One of the things that the Scriptures teach us about this is that God is already and always at work in the world.  God goes ahead of us and moves, transforms, prepares.  This doesn’t mean we sit on the sidelines and just watch God go.  Instead, God invites us — no…calls us — to discern where God is at work and join in.  This is our role.  Our responsibility. Our joy.

And it’s one of the craziest truths of Scripture.  God chooses to work in and through us to bring renewal to all things.  Why?  To be honest, I’m not sure.  It certainly seems like it would be easier to just bypass the stubborn, often-dull human race.  But God doesn’t — God won’t.  Let that sink in for a moment.  Seriously.  Stop reading and think about that.  God chooses and desires to involve you in the renewal of all things….

It’s crazy, right?  Like…amazing-crazy.  As we go about our lives God’s power is alive in us.  Which means that every day — every place — every person — is ripe with possibility for transformation and renewal.  And we get to be a part of it!

And in case we might be tempted to save the world on our own (a ridiculous idea, of course, and yet so many of us try it from time to time) — we added a simple reminder at the end of our vision statement about where this all begins and ends: through Christ.  The renewal of all things doesn’t happen through Sue or through Matt – you or me.  It happens through Christ.

We are a community united with God (Covenant) in the renewal of all things through Christ (Kingdom).

So…is there a part of this vision statement that is more difficult for you to live into?   Do you more easily embrace covenant or kingdom?  What step do you need to take to bring balance?  Do you need to remember and rest in your identity (covenant) or do you need to begin to live in greater obedience, surrendering your life so that God bring renewal through you (Kingdom)?

This Sunday we’ll be talking about our strategy.  More to come…