Ash Wednesday

On Ash Wednesday we are marked on our foreheads with a reminder of our mortality. The same palms we raise up and wave on Palm Sunday each year are made to know the sting of death – we burn them. And the following year, in an ever-curious act, we pick up the ashes and we mark ourselves with them.
What does it mean that we don’t just talk about the ashes, or even reverently observe them, but that we physically smear them across our faces? Perhaps, in the marking, we approach solidarity. We remember that the same fate that haunts you, haunts me. The same beauty that birthed you, lives in me. And that this comes as a mark on the body, I think, reminds us that the Lenten journey of self-examination is deeply entwined with the physical world.

from Black Liturgies; Prayers, Poems, and Meditations for Staying Human

Join us Wednesday, 2/14, at 7pm as we begin the journey of Lent together. Our hour long gathering will be a time of reflection on both the challenges of our world and our lives as well as our hopes for the future.

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