a·tone·ment: the reconciliation of God and humankind through Jesus Christ.

We all know the image of the cross. It’s the symbol most associated with Christianity because Christ’s death is fundamental to Christianity.

And yet, what exactly does Christ’s death mean? What precisely ‘happened’ in his sacrifice? Believe it or not, different Christians would answer those questions differently.

Was Christ’s death a victory over evil? Or was it the way that God’s wrath was satisfied? Or was his death a model for how we are meant to live? Or something else entirely?

Now this may all sound well and good, but we might wonder, “What difference does it make? Does it matter how one views Jesus’ death?” We believe it does. From the songs we sing, to the way we talk about and understand God, to how we see our place in the world — all of the Christian life is shaped by our understanding of the cross.

So join us as we explore the mystery and meaning of the Christ’s death and let’s find together what it might mean for our lives.

July 28: Christus Victor Theory
August 4: Penal Substitionary Theory
August 11: Scapegoat Mechanism Theory
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