Beneath the Tree 2015

Beneath the Tree will be back in 2015!

This amazing collection of local art and home decor helps support local ministries, not to mention the hundreds of artists involved.

While several details are still being worked out, we have dates…Nov 13 & 14 so SAVE THEM.  🙂  Secondly, we are currently determining host homes and the areas that we will cover this year.  The plan is to make the event a little smaller and to focus on closer geographic areas by doing “west side” and “east side” of GR every other year.  Which side of town we end up on this year will depend on how many homes we have available.

If you’re curious and want to learn more about what a host home is, please contact Mindi Freng at ASAP.  We’d love to talk about partnering with you for this super-fun fundraiser!
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