Steward Nominations

Every spring, we nominate new stewards to serve the Branch community.  There are 6 stewards total – 3 Stewards of Care and 3 Stewards of Resource.  Stewards serve a 3 year term, so annually one new Steward of Care and one new Steward of Resource are selected.

Stewards are disciples who reflect Jesus in how they live (character) and in what they do (competency).  As leaders of the Branch they commit to living out the Branch’s values.

Stewards of Resource manage the financial decisions of the church.  Stewards of Care discern the well being of the people of the Branch, as well as the Branch’s vision.

The documents below outline the roles in greater detail.



Please prayerfully consider who among us might be a good candidate to represent the Branch in this way. Then send your nominations to by March 22.

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