Renew: Who are you becoming?

The dominant theme of the Scriptures is one of renewal; of a God determined to create and recreate a world in which peace, justice, beauty and love reign. And our mission as a church is to be a community that is joined with God in that restoration.

And yet, renewal can feel elusive. Brokenness often seems to reign. How do we as individuals step into God’s renewal? And how might our transformed lives be a part of the world’s transformation? What is God’s vision for us? Just who are we supposed to become?

For six weeks we’ll consider these questions, and perhaps be surprised by the answer. For God’s vision is both terrifying and deeply compelling. It is both surprising and exactly what we hope for. Join us.

Series Introduction (9.9.18)

I am becoming a…

…shockingly welcoming host (9.16.18)

…servant in my place(s) (9.23.18)

…generous and genuine friend (9.30.18)

…dreamer and risk taker (10.7.18)

…wise navigator (10.14.18)

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