Current Series: Love Does

Love.  Is there another word more widely used in our world today?  We say we love hot dogs or Dora, and a short time later pledge our life-long, unconditional love to another.  It’s a word we use to describe our feelings or what we think.  But love, in its fullest, truest sense, is infinitely more.  Love is action.

And when Love Does, life becomes an adventure.  And not a surviving-the-grocery-store-on-Saturday kind of adventure, but the kind that is full of enlivening twists and turns, beauty and joy.  This is the kind of life we are meant to live.

During this six week series, we’ll look back at ancient stories of Peter and Moses (to name a couple) to see what can happen when Love propels someone to step boldly.  We’ll also consider the many forms of Love’s greatest deterrent: fear.

It’s time to live.  It’s time to do.  It’s time to love.

If you’d like to join a small group during this series (groups start the week of April 10), please email


April 3: Love > Fear

April 10: I’m With You (Freedom from the fear of “what if…”)

April 17: Free To Fail (Freedom from the fear of failure)

April 24: Audacious Love (Freedom from the fear of not mattering)

May 1: Be Not Afraid (Freedom from the fear of not having enough)

May 8: Follow Me

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