Easter Weekend

This weekend brings wonder and meaning.

Though we may have heard the stories surrounding the death and resurrection of Jesus many times before, each retelling allows us the opportunity to integrate deep truths into our lives again: death does not have the final word; sacrifice is the gateway to life; hope endures.

Our time together on Good Friday (7:00-8:00pm) will create spaces for us to encounter God amid the sorrow and lament. We’ll retrace Christ’s steps and ask ourselves what his story means for our own today.

Easter tailgating is a tradition we look forward to each year. If it’s warm enough we’ll be outside – if not, we’ll move the party indoors. This year we are planning a cereal bar – so bring your favorite box or just come! We’ll have a number of boxes, lots of  milk (of all kinds – cow, almond, oat) and bowls and spoons.

Our gathering begins at 10. Joy. Music. Laughter. Learning. Hope. We look forward to embracing all these things together.

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