Fall Series – Core Values

We all have values. That’s true as individuals, households and communities. We elevate and hold up certain ideas over others, and if we are lucky, find others who can help us live them out.

After receiving input from The Branch community earlier this year, we’ve given new language to the building blocks of our life together. In many ways, the heart and soul hasn’t changed, but we felt that the words we use to communicate our values needed to be updated to reflect our changing world.

Each week we’ll look at one value — all of which fall under our vision of becoming a community united with Christ in the renewal of all things.

September 10 – Partnership

We cannot do it alone.
The problems of the world and our lives require the support of others.
We choose to live interconnected lives.

September 17 – Inclusiveness

Everyone belongs.
God is ever inclusive.
All are invited to fully participate in our life together.

September 24 – Purposeful Presence

God’s promise is to be with us.
We offer that same gift to each other and the world,
honing in on specific ways we can be a presence of love.

October 1 -Relational Grace

We will disagree.
When we do, our posture will be that of Christ’s: one of humility and grace.
We can hold our convictions and still be curious and kind.

October 8 – Courageous Creativity

The world is dramatically changing.
The way forward is unknown.
But in trusting God, we choose to take risks and try new things.

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