God With Us: Elizabeth and Zechariah (Week 1)

God is with those who are heartbroken, feeling lost, those who are wondering if hope has run out.

This week’s sermon was more interactive than normal, so instead of listening to the noise of our individual conversations, we invite you to have your own conversations or reflections, using the story of Elizabeth and Zechariah. Read Luke 1:5-25 and then reflect on these questions:

  1. From the text, what do we learn about Elizabeth and Zechariah?
  2. What can we imagine about Elizabeth and Zechariah? If we were in their shoes, what might we be feeling or thinking?
  3. How have you experienced (or are you currently experiencing) loss, heartache, hopelessness or confusion?
  4. What is God’s response to Elizabeth and Zechariah? What does it say about God?
  5. Let the story help you remember what is true about God. Of what truth is God trying to remind you?

God with us. God with you.

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