Our Story

Sundays in July and August will feature the stories of different Branch folks – stories of challenge, hope, discovery and growth.

As these stories are shared, we believe we’ll not only find the delight of learning new things about each other, but we’ll also see that each person’s story is a part of a larger whole. Each story is a thread weaving in and out of the stories of others – even intersecting our own. And so in a way, an individual’s story is our story too.

  • July 14 – Nate DeWard; Executive Director of Reach the Forgotten; stories of restoration
  • July 21 – Audri Freng; college student and traveler to Uganda; stories of complexity and joy
  • July 28 – CJ Proos and Elizabeth Orians; married couple in the LGBTQ+ community; stories of love and acceptance
  • August 4 – Dale Hulst; owner of Michigan Net Zero Homes; stories of vocation
  • August 11 – Terra Workman, Alayna Verkaik, Audri Freng; college students; stories of faith and development
  • August 18 – Deb Hitziger; retiree; stories of challenge and discovery
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