Next Saturday (May 21) the churches of Alger Heights (Alger Park CRC, the Branch, Church of the Resurrection, Seymour CRC and Tabernacle Community Church)  are coming together to serve our community.  Below are the projects we’ll be tackling and the time choices available.  To sign up:

My 2-hour block time of choice is:




My project choice is (please indicate your 1st and 2nd choice by writing the # next to the line item:

________ Splash Pad at Alger Middle School (repairs and painting)

________ Alger Middle School Grounds (planting, clean up, painting, mulch, etc.)

________ Playground at Tabernacle Community Church (painting, repairs, clean up, mulch, etc.)

________ Planters in the Business District (8:00 am-10:00am only)

________ Trash Clean Up at Plaster Creek

________ Alger Middle School Park and Recs Restroom (painting)

________ Welcome Table or Refreshment/First Aid Stations

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