Stories of (unexpected) Strength

Let’s be honest. We’re tired. Tired of the pandemic. Tired of separation. Tired of division. Tired of hate.

Or to come at it from another angle: we are in desperate need of strength.

But strength is a funny thing. The word carries with it images of sculpted physiques and unflappable personalities. We tend to think that strength comes in big packages. It’s overpowering. Unstoppable.

And perhaps there is truth in these perceptions, but that picture of strength is too one-sided.

You see, strength often arrives in the most unexpected vehicles. It’s when we are courageously vulnerable or humbly reliant on others that we find the ability to move forward in this world. Instead of weakness, these unexpected ways of being are actually the precise pathway to discovering a strength we didn’t know was possible.

We hope you’ll join us.

For info on our Sunday gathering during the pandemic, click here.

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