Madison Ave MC

  We will NOT be meeting this Thursday, Nov 27.   Have a great Thanksgiving and we’ll see you next week for our usual potluck dinner.  We will also NOT be meeting on Christmas Day or New Year’s Day.

Missional Communities – MCs

Branch MCs What is an MC? Who is in an MC? What about kids and MCs? What does an MC do? You’re invited! An invitation that is open to everyone — every week. It’s an invitation to family. Over the last couple of years you may have heard us talk about Missional Communities (MCs) and you […]

Joint service with Alas – Nov 9 @ 11:30

We’re really excited to share in worship together!  Sunday, Nov 9 @ 11:30 The Branch and Alas will be enjoying a joint service – shared worship, shared teaching, shared celebration!  We invite you to celebrate and join us afterwards for some light refreshment.    

Camping Trip

We’re planning a camping outing Sept. 9-11 at Wabasis Lake Campground. Click for more…

meal night

There are few things more important to us than building relationships and sharing life.  And that’s why meal nights have been a part of our routine from the beginning.  Join us March 11th at the Bergman’s home for a relaxed evening of food and conversation.  No agenda or set plan — just an opportunity to […]

Meal Night – February 5th

When people sit around a table and share food together something happens. Laughs are shared. Appetites are satisfied. Relationships begin. That’s why we regularly gather together for ‘meal nights’: a simple evening of food and conversation. Our next gathering is…

30 Days to Live

What if you learned you had just 30 days to live? How would your life be different? Is it possible to make the most of every day, right now? January 17: Living in the Moment January 24: Focusing On What Matters January 31: Leaving a Godly Legacy February 7: Fighting for Peace SMALL GROUPS will […]

Meal Night: January 22nd

One of our strongest desires and values at the Branch is to see people connected in meaningful, life-giving relationships. Meal nights are one of the ways that we live out this value. As we gather for a meal, names are learned, stories are shared and relationships are deepened….

Small Groups

How do we stay connected to God and others in our fast-paced world? Where do we find strength and encouragement? Who will help us stay focused on the things that matter: transformation, mission,and love? Small groups are one of the places at the Branch where you’ll find people committed to these very things. And while each […]

Community :: Water

With water we are baptized into community. Water gives life just as it cleanses and renews. Together we form streams of living water and offer love and hope to a spiritually thirsty world.