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Mission :: Wind

The first followers of Jesus often described the Holy Spirit as a wind or breath. We are guided by that wind as we follow Jesus and take up his mission of love and reconciliation.

Community :: Water

With water we are baptized into community. Water gives life just as it cleanses and renews. Together we form streams of living water and offer love and hope to a spiritually thirsty world.

Transformation :: Wood

Over and over the scriptures compare the family of God to the branches of a tree. As long as these branches remain connected to the rest of the tree, there is life and growth. As the ancient story of God is retold and lived out among us we will be connecting ourselves to this ‘tree of life’.

Culture :: Fire

God meets, embraces and transforms the culture around us like a purifying fire. God is not irrelevant to the world around us, but is the very best of that culture. And so, we believe that relevance to our culture is not optional.

Creativity :: Earth

God is creative. By breathing life into a lump of earth, God created us. Creativity is the natural result of being formed in the image of a creative God. Therefore, together we celebrate and embrace creativity in every form.