The Good and Beautiful God – God is Trustworthy

This week we look at a second narrative we learn from Jesus: God is Trustworthy. And we review the process by which we change.  Matthew 6; Matthew 26


1) If you want to recap this message, read chapter 3 from The Good and Beautiful God.  To prep for the message on the 23rd, read chapter 4.
2) Get a blank sheet of paper and each day take 5-10 minutes to sit down and list as many things as you can think of from that day that you can give thanks for.  Over the course of the week, strive to list 100 things to praise God for!

We’d suggest putting a reminder in your phone for the time each day when you’ll sit down to do this.

Community is also critical.  Is there someone else with whom you could practice this exercise with?  Or is there someone who you could ask to check in with you on this a couple of times this week?  If practicing with children, bring them into the practice.  They could keep their own list — or add to yours.

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