Upcoming Series

After a year and a half of upheaval and change, we are circling back to the core values we have committed to as a community. Not only do these values help us describe how we will move through the world, but they also paint a picture of the kind of life we believe Jesus lived.

Join us as we consider our identity and sense of call together.

September 12 – Liberty: in a world that longs for black and white and constantly picks sides, we choose liberty.

September 19 – Incarnation: in a world of isolation and disconnection, we choose incarnation.

September 26 – Simplicity: in a world of endless choices and burnout, we choose simplicity.

October 3 –  Partnership: in a world of competition and individualism, we choose partnership.

October 10 – Participation: in a world of consumerism and tribalism, we choose participation.

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