Upside Down – Current Series

The last two years have turned the world upside down. And while in many ways this disruption has been hard and painful and disorienting, disruption can also create opportunity for us to see things in a new way.

And yet, there is a longing right now to just ‘get back to normal’. To somehow return the world to what it once was. But that simply isn’t possible. And maybe that’s not a bad thing.

What if this moment is a moment to survey our upside down world and ask, “how can we rebuild our lives and our communities so that they are truly right side up?” What if instead of going back to the way things were, we forge ahead a new way to live?

Jesus’ ‘sermon on the mount’ is an expansive, wide-reaching collection of teachings that speak to things that deeply matter to our lives right now: anger, true religion, hypocrisy, the place of possessions and money, revenge, and judgement (to name some of the topics covered). Join us as we take in these teachings and ask how they can lead us to turning our upside down world right side up.

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