WholeHearted – A Lenten Series

In the Scriptures, the word “heart” is spoken of hundreds of times. And while it is a word used to describe a number of aspects of the human life, it always points inward. As one biblical dictionary puts it,

the heart is the fountain and seat of our emotions, thoughts, passions, ambitions and endeavors.

The heart is a word that captures our inner life and the deepest aspects of who we are. And yet, to live with a whole heart — to be fully alive and present and healthy — can seem elusive. We so often feel distracted and divided, pulled in countless directions. We know what it is to have our heart wounded – torn in a million pieces by the difficulties of living on this earth.

And all of that distraction and pain and pull may entice us to disengage and bury what we may be feeling, but…

Lent is a bold determination to do exactly the opposite.

During the 40 days of Lent, we follow in the footsteps of Jesus, who for 40 days faced the most challenging questions and temptations head on. Lent is a time to courageously go deeper — to look inward —  to gather with others and find the strength tend to our heart.

We invite you on that journey.

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