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DEBRIEF – Mapping Our Future – Week 4 (3.3.22)

Teresa and Chris sit down to debrief our final week of conversation about where we are headed and how we might get there. As you’ll hear in this short podcast (just 11 minutes), we not only took away some important things from Sunday’s dialogue, but we’re also inviting everyone to continue the conversation in some […]

WholeHearted – A Lenten Series

In the Scriptures, the word “heart” is spoken of hundreds of times. And while it is a word used to describe a number of aspects of the human life, it always points inward. As one biblical dictionary puts it, the heart is the fountain and seat of our emotions, thoughts, passions, ambitions and endeavors. The […]

Ash Wednesday

Join us for Ash Wednesday 12:00-12:30pm OR 7:30-8:00pm At the building or on YouTube As we begin Lent, we are setting aside space to ask, “What would it mean for me to live wholeheartedly?” This 30 minute gathering is a chance to pause, breathe and set our intention for the 40 days ahead. We look […]

DEBRIEF – Mapping Our Future – Week 2 (2.15.22)

For the next three weeks we won’t be releasing a podcast from Sunday since most of the morning is being spent in small groups, discussing various questions about our core values. But – we will be releasing these DEBRIEF podcasts — short summaries and take-aways from the morning.

DEBRIEF: Mapping Our Future, Week 1

During this series, we’ll also be sharing these brief podcasts which summarize Sunday’s main ideas. This week we also reflect on the survey folks filled out during worship. If you didn’t get the chance to complete the survey, you can do so by heading here.

Mapping Our Future – Week 1 (2.6.22)

We’re taking the month of February to map our future together. Any good map shows you three things: where you are, where you are going, and some options for how to get there. Sundays in February will center around these three things. To begin, we took a look at a story from John 4 – […]

New Series: Mapping Our Future

If you’re joining us online on February 13, 20 or 27, please use this Zoom link (click here) and read the description below. Making a map requires at least two points: where you are and where you intend to go. With all that has happened in the last two+ years, we’re taking the month of […]

Detour – Week 5 (1.30.22)

Our final week in the Detour series considers the regret that can come when things don’t go according to plan. What do we do with that regret? Is it possible that regret can be a ‘call to courage and a path toward wisdom?’ (Brene Brown, Atlas of the Heart).

Back to the Building

With the latest numbers improving and fewer isolations and positive cases within the Branch community, worship this Sunday (2.6.22) will be available both in-person at the building and online on YouTube (please note the change; here is a link). Here are a few reminders about Sunday: We will be meeting at 9:30am! As we have […]

Detour – Week 4 (1.23.22)

One of the emotions we encounter when life gets detoured is disappointment. And while we may be able to move beyond some disappointment fairly easily, some disappointment carries deep pain, confusion and even shame. We consider this emotion — and what is behind it — this week as we also consider stories found in Mark […]

Detour – Week 3 (1.12.22)

As challenging and disorienting as disruptions and detours are, this week we consider what opportunities detours might offer us as we take a look at the story of Saul’s detour in Acts 9.

Important note: Sunday, January 30th!

On Sunday, January 30th, we will be meeting entirely online, using Zoom (same time: 9:30am).   Here is the link for Sunday: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/85627759920   We’ve made this decision based on four factors: Our local health care system is severely strained, and positivity rates are at an all-time high. A growing number of people in our own community […]

Sunday, December 26th!

We have decided to not gather on Sunday, December 26th, but instead use that time in other ways that might connect us to God’s love and each other. We have a beautiful digital liturgy we can share with you (created by Sanctified Art). To get a digital copy, simply email chris@thebranchonline.org. This liturgy could be […]

Christmas Eve

Our tradition of gathering on Christmas Eve continues this year in person and online. Join us at our building (973 28th St. SE) or on our Facebook page at 5pm. Our hour long gathering will include music, singing, a retelling of the Christmas story and we will end by lighting candles together. All ages are […]

Close to Home – Week 1 (11.28.21)

Our first week in Advent did not include a typical sermon, but a mixture of music, prayer and reflection. There were two main sections of reflection, both introduced by Chris. The first one set up the series, inviting us to consider what the idea of “home” might mean to us and how we might be […]

Current Series: Close to Home

Our homes are regularly a part of our holiday traditions. But home is more than just an address or a physical structure. To each of us, ‘home’ carries a multitude of meanings, memories and emotions. And in its broadest sense, home is more than the place we live and all it entails. Home could be […]

Upside Down – Week 6 (11-21-21)

Our final week of the series invites us to interrogate what vision we have built our lives on. We close by focusing on something as simple and stunning as a flower to help us remember who we are and what we are invited to do.

Upside Down – Week 5 (11.14.21)

What does it mean to be blessed? And how do we experiencing the blessing Christ talks about? By accumulating power? Putting on a good face? By protecting our interest? What if openness, humility and vulnerability were the door through which we experience a blessed life? To see the google doc we created together in worship, […]

Upside Down – Week 3 (10.31.21)

Jesus ends the Sermon on the Mount with three passages that carry a similar theme: a life of faith, life in the Kingdom, is more than just lip service or idle listening. We are called to bear fruit. Which perhaps begs a question: how? How does one bear fruit? Together we consider some ideas and […]