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We Choose – Humility (1/7/24)

Who do we want to be? Who will we choose to be? These are questions often asked at the beginning of a new year. And while related, they are not the same. We may want to be many things — or to change much — but without a choice (likely, many, daily choices) those desires […]

Sundays in January

Who do you want to be? Who will you choose to be? These questions are related, but they are not identical. We may want to be many things, but without intention and action our desires remain just that. As we begin a new year — who will we choose to be? Who will I choose […]

Brunch! New Year’s Eve

On New Year’s Eve, we’ll spend our time together enjoying a brunch, singing a few Christmas carols (it is technically the first Sunday after Christmas according to the church calendar), and reflecting on the year. Bring something to pass if you’re able — it can be as simple as a box of cereal and a […]

Christmas Eve – There is Always Room

From moving trucks to our hope for reconciliation to an inn (or house) in Bethlehem, it often feels like there is no room. No room for repair. No hope of things getting better. No space for this or that group. But the Christmas story reminds us that God is able to make room, to make […]

Advent – Week 4 (12.17.23)

For the final Sunday of Advent we consider the power of song – especially the way in which it can help rekindle hope. As we sing multiple carols, hear poetry and consider what lyrics to our own song of hope might sound like, we work together to find strength and resolve to move toward the […]

Advent – Week 3 (12.10.23)

As we considered last week, it is possible for joy to surprise us and show up at any moment, in any circumstance. This week, Elliott shares the story of the days following John the Baptist’s birth – a story in which Zachariah’s muteness ends and he breaks into a song of sorts — a blessing […]

Advent – Week 2 (12.3.23)

“Choose joy!” This phrase has become an anthem of sorts, but is it true? Is joy something we choose? Can we, therefore, do certain things to create or manufacture joy? We look at the story of Elizabeth and Zachariah and explore these questions, working to clarify what joy is and how it arrives in our […]

Advent – Week 1 (11.26.23)

Our theme this year is “how does a weary world rejoice?”. We’re borrowing that line from the Christmas carol, O Holy Night. It’s a line that holds tension and hope. Tension because both weariness and joy are present at the same time and hope because…well…weariness and joy are present at the same time. This morning […]

What is Mine to Do?

Teresa follows up on the conversation we had about Israel/Palestine (on 10/29) by asking the question – what is ours to do? How do we move toward wholeness in the face of so much that is wrong; in the face of constant pressure to perform; in the face of a belief that we should be […]

Q&A on Israel/Palestine

After our gathering we had a discussion on the current war, the decades of conflict that have preceded it and what it might cause us to wrestle with in our own lives here and now.


Join us Sunday, October 15, at Camp Scottie for a day long retreat. We’re stepping away from our normal routine to intentionally slow down, connect with each other and consider our own personal values. We’ll be back at the building on 10/22 (see the blog post on Group Sundays) If you didn’t sign up for […]

Core Values – Week 5: Courageous Creativity

This is a moment in history full of change, questions, uncertainty and loss. So much is shifting so quickly — including what it means to be Christian (not to mention…if…I want to be Christian). A moment like this calls for courage. Courage to dream new dreams; to allow our imaginations to be reignited. To admit […]

Fall Series – Core Values

We all have values. That’s true as individuals, households and communities. We elevate and hold up certain ideas over others, and if we are lucky, find others who can help us live them out. After receiving input from The Branch community earlier this year, we’ve given new language to the building blocks of our life […]

Acts – Week 11 – 8/27/23

Our final Sunday in Acts considers the last chapters of this book – chapters that show us the promising reality that God’s Spirit is given to us precisely in our gritty, messy humanness.

SEPTEMBER 3 – Worship in the Park!

As summer draws to a close, join us at Garfield Park on Sunday, September 3, from 10-11a (we’ll be meeting in the parking lot off of Madison Ave. by the gym and splash pad). We’ll be walking through the park, stopping along the way to reflect on the Scriptures, our lives and the world. We’ll […]