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Upside Down – Week 2 (10.24.21)

Presence, Not Performance Matthew 6:1-18 (The Message) In the second week of this series we consider the temptation to turn faith into a performance. We can so easily try to leverage gifts like prayer and generosity for our own benefit — to gain the attention of others or the approval of God. Jesus is clear: […]

Upside Down – Current Series

The last two years have turned the world upside down. And while in many ways this disruption has been hard and painful and disorienting, disruption can also create opportunity for us to see things in a new way. And yet, there is a longing right now to just ‘get back to normal’. To somehow return […]

recalibrate (partnership) – Week 4 (10.4.21)

Good news: this week’s podcast is nice and short. Bad news: it’s nice and short because only the first half got recorded. Back to the good news: the 2nd half was really just us giving time for people to reflect on Romans 16:1-15, write their thoughts in a google doc (which you can find here) […]

recalibrate (simplicity) – Week 3 (9.26.21)

Week three brings us to the core value of simplicity. Yes, the world is in need of renewal; and yet, God does not intend for us to burn out as we try to be everything to everyone. Instead, we must choose simplicity. We must discern what is ours to do and not to do. Here […]

recalibrate (liberty) – Week 1 (9.12.21)

Our first week in a series on our core values takes a look at Liberty — a commitment we have made to practice humility, proximity and curiosity when we encounter those who we disagree with, dislike or are different from. Here’s the google doc we created together.

Upcoming Series

After a year and a half of upheaval and change, we are circling back to the core values we have committed to as a community. Not only do these values help us describe how we will move through the world, but they also paint a picture of the kind of life we believe Jesus lived. […]

Faces of Our Faith – Week 10 (7-25-21)

This week, instead of focusing on one or two biblical characters, we’re looking at 28. Most of these folks, from Romans 16, are never mentioned again in the biblical text, and yet this passage (Romans 16:1-16) helps to remind us of how God calls us to live, and how that might differ from the current […]

An Evening of (re)Connection and Vocation

On June 17 we welcome author and professor Winn Collier for an evening on Eugene Peterson and vocation. Through the generosity of a grant, dinner is free, each participant will leave with a copy of Collier’s book and we’re able to provide kid activities after dinner. Winn recently published the authorized biography of Eugene Peterson […]

Welcome to the Branch!

We’re so glad you’re here. We know that it takes energy and courage to find a faith community and our hope is that this site helps you in that search. Here are some things we think are important to know straight away…. First, we love people. All people. And we believe that human-made divisions are […]

The After Times

The pandemic is not over…and yet, we are in a different place than we were twelve (even 3) months ago. Which begs a critical question: what will life look like in the ‘after-times.’ As the restrictions of the pandemic lessen, and therefore more freedom returns, what shape will our lives take? We have to be honest […]

Worship this Summer

Beginning May 2, we will offer two options for worship on Sunday mornings. Option 1: Live Stream on Facebook Every week at 10am we’ll stream worship through our Facebook page. Option 2: Garfield Park Beginning May 2, and running through the end of August, we will be gathering in Garfield Park from 10-11am. After considering […]