Group Sundays (Feb-May 2023)

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Last fall, we felt that it was time to try something different. Not for the sake of being different, but because we wondered if the way in which we gathered didn’t need to shift given all that has happened in the world and in our lives the last two years.

The result was an every other week rotation between ‘normal’ Sundays and ‘group’ Sundays.

Normal Sundays were, well, normal in the sense that our gathering on those weeks looked a lot like it had previously.

Our ‘group’ Sundays began with all of us together for a quick time of connection and then we would head to the group of our choice. Each group centered around a wide range of topics and activities (we tried a bunch of things: Ultimate Frisbee, a reflective walking group, a group that made an art installation for Advent, a group that practiced silence as a spiritual discipline, and many more). What we found is that Group Sundays gave people more opportunity to connect relationally, try out a new skill or idea and look for God’s presence in what might seem like everyday, ‘non-spiritual’ activities.

We’re excited to be trying this again in the coming months.

Below is the schedule as well as videos describing the opportunities for the weeks leading up to Easter.

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  • February 26: Group Sunday
  • March 5: Worship Gathering
  • March 12: Group Sunday
  • March 19: Worship Gathering
  • March 26: Group Sunday
  • April 2: Worship Gathering (Palm Sunday)
  • April 9: Worship Gathering (Easter)
  • April 16: Group Sunday
  • April 30: 5th Sunday Agape Feast
  • May 7: Worship Gathering
  • May 14: Group Sunday
  • May 21: Worship Gathering


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