New Stewards

The Branch has three Stewards of Care and and three Stewards of Resources.  Each serve for a three year term, which means that every year one Steward of Care and one Steward of Resources rotates off.  This year, Carrie Elzinga (Care) and Jeff VerKaik (Resources) will be stepping down.

The process for adding Stewards begins with our Partners offering nominations for each opening.  The Steward team then takes those nominations and creates a ‘single slate’ that is then voted up or down by the Partners.

Stewards play a key role in the Branch’s life, which is why we ask Partners to give careful thought and prayer as they make their nominations.  Stewards must believe deeply in and be committed to the vision and mission of the Branch.  They also must demonstrate the character and skill needed to be able to contribute to the responsibilities of being a Steward.

Before making nominations we ask that Partners carefully read the “job descriptions” to ensure that they understand the role well.

Steward of Resources Job Description

Steward of Care Job Description

Nominations can be emailed to by March 20.

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