What should I do?

So where do we go from here?

The Branch is a place where dreams and passions are free to unfold – a place where people are encouraged to explore the ways God may be moving them towards mission. God is already working, renewing and moving in the world and in the hearts of the people. We embrace this and want to participate, as Jesus did, as the Spirit calls us to.

If God has been placing a particular place, network of relationships or activity in your pathway, pay close attention to that.  This is how MC’s begin: the Spirit leading the people. Perhaps you want to share that with us! We would consider it an honor to explore how you and the Branch might join in discovering what this sense of mission could involve, even if it doesn’t end up as a Missional Community.

For all of us, no matter our place on the journey, consider the following pattern as we way to create and deepen your awareness and sensitivity to God’s Spirit:

Not only is this pattern a way of specifically listening for the moving of the Spirit in any one particular situation, it’s also a great practice to keep as a constant in our lives. It can shape our decision making, our dreams and our hearts. We encourage you to practice this pattern in your thought life, your prayer life and throughout your daily activities. God is speaking and nudging, we need only become aware. Let God use this pattern to shape a vision for mission in your heart.

Current Missional Communities

Each of these MCs (and all future MCs) will in many ways look different from one another — with unique missions and distinct rhythms, but at their core they are the same: extended families with a common purpose.

Here’s some details:

Wealthy St. MC

  • When: every Monday evening, 5:45pm.
  • What: Mondays are simple: potluck dinner and conversation — a time for family to be built.
  • Where:  837 Sigsbee SE
  • QuestionsContact Dave at davidrookus@gmail.com

Madison St. MC

  • When: every Thursday evening, 5:30pm
  • What: potluck dinner (time for family) and a multi-generational practicing of a spiritual discipline (time for our relationship with God and the world).
  • Where: 2020 Madison Ave. SE
  • Questions? Contact Chris at chris@thebranchonline.org

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What should I do?
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