Missional Communities – MCs

Branch MCs What is an MC? Who is in an MC? What about kids and MCs? What does an MC do? You’re invited! An invitation that is open to everyone — every week. It’s an invitation to family. Over the last couple of years you may have heard us talk about Missional Communities (MCs) and you […]

Missional Communities

If you’ve been around the Branch lately you’ve probably heard talk about Missional Communities (MCs). But maybe you’re wondering just what exactly MCs are…(click here for more)


Click here to learn more about how we are putting our core values into action.


This Christmas…give a gift that will change the world.

food baskets

Over the next few weeks we’ll be collecting food — putting them into holiday food baskets — and delivering them to local families.  You can participate by bringing a specific food item to the Branch, helping us assemble the baskets, or delivering them to the families.  To sign up or get more details, email chris@thebranchonline.org […]

Mission: Tanzania

This past Sunday Matt and Lindsey shared the story of how God is calling them to Tanzania.  We assure you, this is worth a listen (at the bottom of this post). When you’re finished, you may be wondering how you can partner with God’s work through the DeYoungs?  Here are a few ways: Stay in […]


In the coming weeks people from the Branch will be gathering together to serve people locally and beyond.  For details of how you can get involved, click on the “We ‘Heart’ GR” link below.  Then shoot us an email: chris@thebranchonline.org We ‘Heart’ GR


Mission is at the heart of the Branch. Every month we’re reaching out to serve and love. We hope you’ll join us. This month we’re focusing our energies on….

Mission :: Wind

The first followers of Jesus often described the Holy Spirit as a wind or breath. We are guided by that wind as we follow Jesus and take up his mission of love and reconciliation.